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  • A family friend just posted this on Facebook. I sent her this video. What she wrote:My Dad just had his aortic heart valve replaced along w a double bypass last monday and the nurse that came 2 visit suggested today that he needed more carbs and protien. she suggested a “Big Mac”! WTF…he’s diabetic and 71 yrs old…have IQ’s dropped in the last week?  Something is wrong and a multi death obesity corporation isnt going 2 heal the sick…Friggin livid!

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  • at 1:56 we see some flowers and some stones along side the road.They seem new, and tended to by someone.What are they?Who put them there?Who tends them now?whos land are they on?

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  • 24 might Have Gotten another season or two if Jon was involved in season 8 Maybe he would’ve seen something howard didn’t in the last scene or a potential season….. Disappointing…..

  • If you cannot get redress through the authorities, I would recommend a massive class-action lawsuit against the Rotherham Child Safety board. This is what would happen in America. Sue them blind. There will always be ambulance chasing lawyers out there smelling fat fees, and they won't be intimidated by screams of "racism".

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  • By Sherry Sigmon December 16, 2012 – 5:09 pmThanks, Becky, for reminding us all that the ONLY answer to this tragedy is calling on our God–the great I AM–the only one who can say, “My grace is sufficient to meet all your needs”

  • I have found it difficult to assess which countries are favoured by Fairtrade. I read somewhere that there are more relatively rich South American farmers in the scheme than poor African farmers.

  • Kerstin und Christian – Unser schönster Tag mit solch schönen Bildern festgehalten!Einfach super, Alex! Wir sind schon auf die restlichen Fotos ganz gespannt! Einfach nur geil…

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  • I'm not surprised that Glen Beck is a misogynist, but I am surprised that he's so willing to admit it. Usually these types at least pretend to have some respect for women. Not Glen! Glen thinks that women are psychos who will have sex with anyone willing to buy them lunch, and he's not afraid to say it!

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  • I actually tried that at one point. I’d just installed gcc-4.2, but amid all the things I’ve tried in the last few days, the symlink maneuver got lost in the shuffle. At this point I now have a clean machine with no XCode to use for this. Since I’m not doing XCode Dev on this machine I’m just gonna stick with it like this for now.

  • I get the name, but never really understood it. We fry a lot of things with this method and don't call them "chicken fried shrimp" or "chicken fried onion rings"

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  • Great post! This was ME at my son’s rugby game. I had no idea what was going on and I didn’t understand any of the language. But at least we had bleachers. I’m a hockey/soccer/dance/swimming/baseball Mom and I think my youngest is going to have to stick to one of these sports that I’ve already learned. Or at least that’s what I’m going to try to convince her of.

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  • It certainly sounds like your husband is already cheating. Looking at the evidence you presented— you asked him about her posting on his facebook wall. He denied any wrongdoing. Then he starts making phone calls to the exgirlfriend. If not cheating their is definitely deception. I would confront him immediately and try to get the truth!

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  • Anonimo das 21:01,Entao nao aceitamos??? Voce realmente nao tem conhecimento da nossa realidade. Pois eu conheço um ex-cidadao ucraniano que ha um mes obteve a nacionalidade portuguesa. E digo-lhe, quem ficou a ganhar foi Portugal. E voce sabia que Portugal aceita a nacionalidade Portuguesa a todos os cidadaos do Mundo?

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  • Yours is an incredible gene pool, Yvette. Just look at what you and your Sister prepared! Every thing looks delicious and is presented so well. Your sushi looks better prepared than some “professional” maki that I’ve been served. Everything looks perfect!

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  • Thank you so much for the comment and feedback! I hope you are enjoying being there and taking advantage of the newly delicious (?) food. I understand the Green Team is still going strong too; that’s cool.

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  • Antidote – I meant, I wonder if Gary Ackerman would mind if any of those countries started really interfering with the US: like military occupation, or overthrowing governments etc. I think the US has been messing around with other countries for so long American politicians really just don’t understand how offensive it is to be invaded then lectured about democracy and human rights by a killer imperial the-end-always-justifies-the-means state.

  • What about the FEMA army and the millions of rounds of ammunition purchased by government organizations like the IRS and FEMA? I believe you are right. Most people will follow along like sheep no matter who is in control. Creature comforts matter more than anything. But disarming the population will be another matter. There are millions of people armed to the teeth who will never surrender their weapons.

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  • burdge: If I had done some kind of mind mapping previous to writing I may have gone that route, but unfortunately my style is more stream of consciousness, and I just hope that the commentators will cover what I have missed.So Chris, thank you for filling in the holes!

  • I certainly love reading your blogs and would be sad to lose them (so that’s my purely selfish side talking). Probably there are times in our lives when we are better suited for one or the other, or both or more or even none. The only tragedy is trying to force ourselves to do something that doesn’t feel right just because we ‘ought to.’

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  • Dearest Lisa,I miss your writings… they glow and warm up the Heart.Thank you for always sharing your Journey… you always shed Light, Inspiration and you have given us so much more than you can imagine…You affect the world in ways that always raise us to be in a different altitude and attitude in Life… it is something that I am always grateful about.May this holiday season fill you with so much Love and Gratitude that seeps into your every marrow.With BIG Love,–Nerissa

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  • Well the alternative method is to ALWAYS store things in the oven. I keep my broiling pan in there so I know I have to take something out of it EVERY time I turn on the oven.

  • Pelo visto, Aécio Neves não goza de muito prestígio neste blog. Melhor assim, cada um no seu quadrado. Por aqui, gostamos de político leal e corajoso. Mas ainda há tempo até 2014. Sinceramente, acho que o ex-governador não vai encarar a parada.

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  • J’aime aussi Olivier Martinez et je n’aime pas les blogueurs moralisateurs qui sont toujours « innocents » et qui blament le victime.

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  • Alyson Davison – Reading your words and looking through the images I am instantly transported back to that day; not so long ago but long enough that the everyday humdrum has taken over. Instantly the magic and emotion is resurrected and I sit here teary and tight and fighting to breathe. I love every single shot and every single shot is full; full of love and sparkle and full of you, overflowing with intimacy, with every ounce of your own magic and very special wonderfulness.November 21, 2012 – 10:32 pm

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  • Does this mean no chemo or radiation? (Sometimes they do that preventatively even if it has NOT spread.) Hooray!Perhaps the letter C will start having more positive associations with it now: chorizo, cinnamon rolls, chili…

  • – love this! just got similar sizes printed to show clients in person and this is a perfect visual! i’d love to have it! thanks for sharing! i liked your page…nice work, btw..and tweeted the link!

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  • Okay, I feel better now. It’s a natural chemistry to care more about your own child (and pretty much stop caring about the children of strangers)… totally makes sense.

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  • Righties refer to liberal Christians derisively as “Sermon on the Mount Christians,” as if that particular sermon were an aberration, rather than a definitive statement of Christ’s beliefs. Ironically, they are what I like to call “Old Testament Christians.” They seem to miss the point that Jesus preached against the mean spirit of the Old Testament. That’s why it’s called the “old” Testament.

  • !Do any of you know Mathias? The guy who has He has the source to Gore SE, and is a programmer. Surely he could write/copy the gamespy code to make a new master server and then give me a new exe and I could do the auto update. Someone (acromus?) email him and ask him to do it. He’s german from what I remember. His page is still up and looks updated, so I would guess its in his best interest too?

  • #29 – Or maybe the Bishop was a kook and no group of members (because it would take a group, not just one person) was smart enough to band together and approach the Stake President with the problems in how the ward was run. Or maybe Whistle blowers in church are treated the same as whistleblowers in the real world (IE Penn State) and all it would have done is put those people on a list of Dangerous Members. Who knows? I don’t see any examples of how to get rid of a bad bishop that really work, without major collateral damage.

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